CASA VALE arises from the desire to bring you all

the value of food, transmitted by my family and homeland.

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I was born in Bologna, Italy, a city with a strong gastronomic tradition, recognized as the Italian food capital and famous worldwide for some of its recipes.


My family has always transmitted me the passion for cooking, a very important part of our life and of the memories of my childhood, in the frangrances and flavors, in the first loves with food. Since I was a child, I have always experienced the joy of cooking to be together, sharing special moments.


I've always loved traveling and I’ve have spent many years of my life living abroad. In these years, my connection with food became stronger because cooking was what made me feel closer to home.


That’s when I realized that food had a very strong connotation, able to recall a very important link with the territory, with our memories and therefore with our emotions.


When I arrived in the Netherlands in 2015, I found a country that gave me the opportunity to pursue and live my passions every day: cooking, horses and design.


In 2018 the project I have always had in my heart comes to life: cooking, not only for my family and friends, but also for others.


This is how CASA VALE was born.